Jordan DTLA: The Jordan Brand established their first Jordan only store on the west coast in this 3 level experience in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.  My role was to carry the conceptual design through completion working with a variety of vendors and contractors.

This 'Render to Reality' video shows the process of taking the conceptualized Sketchup model and bringing it to life through a fly-through animation.  Photos of the completed project are overlaid throughout to show the resemblance of the original idea to the reality of the finished project.

This recap video shows the final product as the consumer flows from the ground floor retail level, up to the second floor services zone, and into the third level basketball court deck.

The above 'sketch' video sequence is a work in progress showing our ideas of how the digital collection could come to life in one our our built 1-30(+) display cases.  More to come soon.

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